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WCS EU Challenger Series - Bracket RO64!

The start, the first hurdle… only the qualifiers to gauge your opposition upon. Without doubt today is the day that the action will start to heat up. So let’s take a look at the players and games we will be seeing tonight!

The Games:

  • MC vs SortOf
  • Kas vs BlinG
  • Socke vs ToD
  • Shuttle vs uzer
  • Ret vs Bischu
  • Hydra vs Grubby

Already there are some amazing names and players ready to compete to advance tonight. Each of the games will be played in a best of 3 format which means all the usual strategy and psychology that comes with a series is applicable. 

For me, the first game of the night will immediately be incredibly tough. MC, hopefully having recovered from Apollo’s is looking in a good position to take the series. He is currently sitting nicely with a 63% win rate vs Zerg - compared to SortOfs 58% win rate vs Protoss!

Looking forward to game 2, I cannot help but show some support for BlinG being from the UK like me. But needless to say he will be up against a thoroughly tough opponent in Kas. Having said that though, one of BlinG’s best tournament results recently was back in November 2012 where he beat Krass to win the ESET UK Masters 2012 in very convincing fashion. 

Socke vs ToD should be fantastic fun if for no other reason that the premier league caster himself will be making a firm impression on the community as a whole in his attempt to gain greater recognition as both a player and caster! 

Just going past the half way point of the night, Shuttle vs uzer is probably the match I am most excited about. Personally, I have not seen too much of these two players which always adds to the excitement! Uzer had an amazing run through the qualifier taking out players such as Tefel, XlorD and Welmu!

The penultimate game will see Ret take on Bischu. Both of these two players are currently hovering around the 50% win rate in all match ups, a close game is assured. The big question though is will Ret be able to mimic the success of his teammates in recent weeks?

Finally, we will end the night with some Hydra vs Grubby. This is the point in the night where I am expecting the stream chat to go a little crazy, it is Grubby afterall!

So those are the games along with a little insight into them. See below for all the details about tonight:

Time: 18:00 CEST


Casters: Madals & Lyrlian